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2021 is "Magnetic"! New song out 29/1/21

We are delighted to announce that we will be releasing a special new video for a new single "Magnetic" on January 29th. Those of you who know our latest release "Crosses to Carry, Coffins To Fill", or anyone who has seen us live in last 18 months may know the song, but it is relatively unknown in our sphere

We are still so grateful that our single "So Serious" from the same EP goes from strength to strength! It's had nearly 400k streams on Spotify alone, 500k on all platforms since its' release

We are excited to share the video we worked on for the song. It feels very apt for now, and is a manifestation of our circumstances as we had to shelve the idea of working with a director and make a video work that we felt reflected the song / our environment

There is lots more to discuss about the video and we will release a video explanation/discussion post the day before the release of the song on JANUARY 29th 2021

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