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“CRAWL” is the third single from the UK based rock dup The Survival Code along with it being the third video Gary has made off the album. The hope has always been to portray the band in a more personal way by taking the making of the videos in house. Despite having had many slick and more professional vids in the past, it always feels there has been a disconnect between the band and the given directors’ view of the band. This happens all the time and is quite common! if budgets were not an issue we would love to have worked with some different directors in the mean time, and will again 🙂

The video was shot like the previous two that day last Nov when I dragged Tom and Carley up to Coventry where we had rented the Evening Telegraph Building up there for a day, the rental turned out to be for 24 hours…. so we shot 4 videos on the same day….It was insane but that energy is in the vids and we wouldn’t have done it differently given the chance. Hope you enjoy x

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