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Our new song THE HEART WILL BLEED is available everywhere now.

We are delighted we are finally able to announce the launch of our first new single in years. "The Heart Will Bleed" is the first of 12 singles in 12 months from our new and upcoming album "Whispers Of Woe" that we recorded over Covid and since our last release in 2019 "Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill" which saw one of our singles "So Serious" catch the attention of music fans and helped us have 20-25k listeners a month on Spotify

The story of the recording of the album is good one and one we will explore in detail over the coming year. It is safe to say this song saw its fair share of demos, having been reinvented 4 times of the course of its' creation and was the riff was initially written in 2019, none of us could have foreseen it being this long since that we get to release the track, covid and related impacts really scuppered most of our plans

So here we are, the song is available everywhere now and here is our new music video for the song. Let us know what you think :)


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