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Taking life by the balls

 after a stomper of a gig in underbelly last week we’re planning the rest of the year and seeing where the wind takes us. The plan is to release another single whether that’s a re-release of one we already put out or another as yet undecided, along with a ton of gigs(slowly confirming more as the days pass :))

Planning and chatting have been the order of the day since we headed up to swansea and played proud, that weekend was incredible and we just about survived(I had the flu by proud and couldn’t speak for a few days after)…but thankfully the performance went great and we have a few vids, and most importantly we didn’t have to mention we were being held together by gaffer tape haha

The key with the next step is planning and networking, we have no intentions of doing the same thing all over agajn so up for learning and growing for next offering

Starting to feel that it’s important to start working on new things sooner than later so the new riffs are going to get more frequent walks to see where we feel is best in terms of sound and set up.

Underbelly is a cracking venue btw, we have never had them good fortune of playing before and intend to get stuck in the months ahead.

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