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The artwork/details about our next single out this coming Friday Feb10th "Never Knew You Existed"

We couldn’t be happier to introduce our second single “Never Knew You Existed” from our upcoming album “Whispers Of Woe”. This is the second single of 12 singles in the 12 months of 2023

The artwork is a continuation of the theme established by the first and that which will continue for the rest featuring trademark black/white/red patterns which are unique to each single and becomes incorporated into all the socials as the months pass, to the detailed drawing style which was apparent on the first single from the release

This “Tree Of Bones” was thought of as a nice way to depict the many lives sacrificed or given for a cause. In this instance this song has it’s own meaning for this war, which we will delve into and explain further as the month passes

The song is out this Friday and available on all good streaming sites and our video premieres on our YouTube and Facebook at midday this Friday the 10th of February


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