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A great weekend of practice and preparing for our next show next month in Cargo on FEB 7th lead to a few nice pics.

The BIG news in our world this week was a play of our upcoming single NEVER LET TO on XFM last Sunday eve. The video is a day away from my first peek and I’m salivating at the prospect :)…so within two or three weeks it’ll be out there either way hick is more exciting than ever.

The cover track is coming together and we’re still full steam ahead to hit the studio Friday week. We may even have a sneak peak video at some stage in the weeks leading up to it being out.

Festivals have become an even more important concept the past few weeks with applications and organisation at the top of the agenda each day, not quite fun festival but defo a festival of sorts 🙂

Still plucking away at the demos and enjoying the familiar struggle with technology trying to translate thoughts to sounds in patient parts.

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