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So we shot the second video to the single – NEVER LET GO!! Vans, plans and a pile of effort brought it all together culminating in Birmingham on Saturday with a green screen shoot to tip the cap to this great year for us.

We finally got the plot sorted by wed last week and attacked the majority of the narrative over Friday/Sat leaving Sunday for EVERYTHING else

I suppose you know it’s been a proper weekend when 7am Monday comes along and it feels more like Friday 4:57pm.

We had the same team as the first video which saw George Taylor and Anton Jeffes reunite to take the reigns on the concept, direction and delivery of what we hope is our best video yet(says he with no idea what the finished product will be), given that the majority of this shoot was green screen meaning it’s only george’s(our director’s) brain(not even his eyes) that have a breeze what this will look like as yet 😀 …if nothing else this paragraph has highlighted my passion for brackets, one must explain between the lines, shouldn’t allow ambiguity a wide berth.

The last few weeks have been a little festive and cold but overall – productive. It hasn’t been the most exciting period to be honest, it’s been about delivering on what’s needed to give our album and selves a chance in this armagenddonesque musical landscape 😉 (coining words for the crack…can yeh!? Probably shouldn’t being fair)

What is great is the feeling in the camp at the moment. We’ve known each other the guts of four/five years for the most part and now more than ever we are clicking and stepping up to deliver what’s needed….and we couldn’t be more excited to share this next chapter with everyone

I haven’t told the lads about it but I spent the first three days of the week in complete isolation recording some pretty concrete demos for the next cd along with the skeleton of our cover which we’re looking to record excitedly at the start of a Feb. Which is important, good to get in order for momentum os everything but not the order of the day.

Enough going on and on, making progress!!! We hope to know in the next 7 days how the vid is going to turn out. Hope you enjoy the pics as a teaser but in fairness you’d be doing better than me to guess what’s coming from the pics alone, considering I was in it and I’m clueless 😉

Wicked Wednesday!!


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