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There is no question the Winter is finally drawing in with the cold eves upon us. Thankfully there has been no time to worry about the cold, we’ve been kept occupied on this exponential learning curve we jumped on a few months ago when the ball got rolling….so much so we barely had time to remember to buy present for these people called “our family”, a strange concept of late :).

Having to learn fast was always going to be part of the job description and it’s definitely getting exciting!

The numbers on FB and other social media are slowly starting to reflect a solid number and we’re starting to understand what will be needed to get seen and noticed. HAVE WE GOT IT CRACKED?!?!? Nay! But we are getting better every week.

The plan we put together with our team in conjunction with online marketing campaigns kept us in the eyes of our who we hoped would hear our tunes for the first two weeks of the month and the reaction, process and reflection need to act as building blocks for the next 3 legs of the release(which includes the aaaaaallllbuuuuum!!!! :))

Planning is the new cool apparently…is what we tell ourselves as we replaced our chill time beers with a small bout of “diarising” which at times can make us lads seem like v important CEOs of large companies with the amount we all have on, which is just the most basic of challenges. But yeah, planning and knowing where you’re going to be at 19:13 on the 16/4/2015 before Xmas day is the new chilled buzz.

We thought to pop up a quick pic of two of the upcoming show posters, one for THIS FRIDAY THE 19TH IN THE 229 and anther for next FEB in the Garage(upstairs).

We booked another show last week and are hoping to have another 5-6 in the bag by mid jan…. We take a tour, any tour!! See at good ‘aul Buckingham Palay in the morn!! That’s how desperate we are for the bai! HELP GET US ON A TOUR PEOPLE…haha getting demanding. What we meant to say was, thanks for all the continued support and please continue to fight the good fight.

It feels great to make progress, but there are mere battles, bring on the WAR!!

We hope to be on again before the Xmas but in case we’re not, the very happiest of whatever you believe in at this time of year.


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