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The New Year is not leaving much time for us to catch our breathe. We have the CAMDEN ROCKS first all DAYER of the year this Saturday with a plethora of amazing bands followed by our new single ONE being released the following FRIDAY – 😀 x100

With this in mind we have been very fortunate to have an early review of one, and thought to share it. A big thanks to all at DRUNK ON MUSIC – tip of the cap and here’s to 2017!!

PS: did I forget to menti0n we are in the starting to record our new album NEXT MONTH!!!


  1. A seismic rock sound that surpasses just 3 members

  2. Heavy guitar chords are thrown threw the air in ONE,  layered guitar riffs, a melodically tight and impressive bass player, with a song ( more a message really) that lead singer & guitarist Gary McGuinness fronts with real rock prowess

  3. The Survival Code deliver the musicianship with ease

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