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Thanks to ABORT magazine for further coverage of our new single BROKEN STRINGS and some very nice words:


“Several decades after the Legendary Rock exports of the 60s and 70s, after the New Wave of British ‘Eavy Metal, The Contemporary rock heroes, after the boy bands, the girl bands, after the Adele… Well, that’s where we are now… Well, what’s next? The Survival Code might stand a shot.”

“‘Broken Strings,’ as an EP is a no holds barred, heavy-handed throw-down that is meant to cut right through the bullshit and straight to the bone”

““One” is a quick-tempo catchy track that fits well in its opening slot, an excellent introduction to the band’s sound”

““Broken Strings” revs from zero to sixty in no time flat. A high-octane thrill ride, heavily distorted guitar riffs, and an unbelievably tight drum line.”

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