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"So Serious" reached milestone on Spotify - 250k+ streams

We are beyond excited and delighted to announce that out track "So Serious" has reached a quarter of a million streams since it's release late last year. For a band our size, it means so much to have such reach and interactions throughout the year with people from all over the world - it's the first time we experienced anything like this on a significant level and has helped so much with morale, the current release and motivating for the next chapter

We've all been going through a lot these past months and the band was just one of the things that hasn't been the same since. Having this release and SO SERIOUS in particular has helped more than we thought possible. We are knees deep in new videos and demos for our next release and that's all down to people who care, spend the time to listen and support local music

Thank you one and all for helping us to reach this milestone, here's to many more!

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We now turn to another masterpiece of zombie cinema, this time not from Japan but from South Korea. Train to Busan is a fast-paced and quite interesting film, much more classic than One cult of the dead but equally worthy of a viewing.

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