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Artwork for "The Heart Will Bleed" discussed and explained

We couldn't be happier to finally be in release week for our first single "The Heart Will Bleed" which is out this Friday. A massive part of this release is the artwork for it is a reflection of the songs, the words and themes and have become an extension/new way of telling the story

“The Heart Will Bleed” came together as one of the first pictures/pieces of artwork we came up with on this journey into taking control of this area for the upcoming album

Initially there wasn’t a masterplan for the artwork as much it was something that gained momentum as time passed, and passion grew for it as the recording process drew to an end, but when there was still a lot of planning and uncertainty of the release at foot. It became the perfect extension, a new and 3D way of telling the story and something that developed into the visuals coming on the next singles

This approach is a reflection of much of our ambition for his release where we intended to set out to offer as much of the story and methods of telling the story from our perspective, ourselves. We clearly couldn’t do it all ourselves, but as the artwork unfurled, it started to become integral to the overall vision of the 12 singles in the 12 months of 2023

The artwork on the cover of this song brings together many of the important themes on this release namely being : lost and passing time, and how that mixes with the human/organic side of us and how scars get better but never truly heal

The primary picture of the heart features in the music video too, we were delighted to have that as part of the vision for the first single as it started the ball with over 120 images and pieces of artwork that followed

The detailed red/black/white spirals around the central image were developed sooner to the release. It was decided that each month would also have it’s own pattern that emanates from the central design and that pattern too will help define the release/month/song. The patters will have the same formation with the color combination, but are all unique in their own way

There is an immense amount of detail in the heart with the cogs and the passing time, we really tried to get as much of the detail we imaged into the artwork. The artwork is wholly inspired by the songs and their lyrics


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