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Waiting In The Wings : Our11th single of the year available everywhere today RIFFS & Grooves McGinty

Today marks the release of our latest single on our epic year of singles in anticipation of our long awaited latest album : WHISPERS OF WOE

Despite planning this for 4 years there was never enough time in the world for us to be able to execute this plan as effectively as a team of people. Almost all of this year has been done by one of us which has lead to some amazing outcomes at times, never has our offering and sound been so united under one spine of work but it has had its limitations

We are delighted to have announced the album coming on January 26th 2024, there is much more news to come related too. We have lots of info coming about completions, merch, gigs and more. Thank you each and everyone for being part of our journey

As you guys know if you subscribe on our homepage you can download a free track from us from our album sessions, one of our favourites but didn’t fit the overall sound we had on what we think are the best 14 of the 4 years work

We are simply delighted with our new single today though, and here is some info about it

Sonically it’s the closest in tonality and groove to our biggest track “so serious” but has a larger contrast between bright and darkness along with having a more musical feel to the overall track

The song is about proving doubters wrong, biding your time and waiting for your moment. It’s a confident song, it’s got swagger - we hope you love it anywhere near as much as we do

It’s definitely one of the best riffs we’ve come up with despite its similarity to our biggest song, it stands alone and we think those that know us or our music will see this and notice there's a good amount different despite the obvious sonic similarity _ we still hope you like it :)


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