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Chapter 2

The ball is finally rolling!!we have our first two gigs under our belt. It was amazing to play in the RELENTLESS GARAGE IN Islington,it was a venue we had all wanted to play for so long.Despite the initial worries that what we did in the rehearsal space would translate to a live venue and that I had never sang with a band live before,it went so well!

The second gig in THE PURPLE TURTLE was even better for there were more people there for both us and the other bands. It was a great atmosphere and is like heroin for going forward.Snce sat I’ve been away for a few days and I can’t sit still,going over all the tunes we are thinking about encorporating into the set along with the vision for what we need to be doing for where we need to get.

Thanks for everyone who came down to the gigs and has been supporting so far!!there is so much more to come….we are about ENERGY,TEMPOS and BELIEF in this project!!

Set your sights high,who know where this will end.


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