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Closer, regardless of choice :)

So another week begins here in London with the strangest backdrop of all, sun. It has lifted the hearts and has helped the days to merge into one. …meaning the recording is a matter of days away.

It’s about 10 days since we had our first experience in the studio (we were in the studio on the 14/3) , the day that seemed rather brief in itself has had a rather lasting effect.

Having spoken with Matt that afternoon (One of John’s good friends who came down for the day who specialises in guitars), we learned so much about strings and it raised so many questions about tone.

Two facts that we have taken away are: – we have never sounded better in practice(says himself :D). I have now moved away from my MXR OD-T in favour of a TUBSCREAMER by IBANEZ. This will act as my boost while we use amp pedals to interchange between clean/general dist. It has brought a much appreciated richness to the sound. – The stings are the largest revolution in a career though (not to mention the affect it has also had on the BASS for Pete).

I bought two new sets of strings, both Dunlops it has to be said and both custom. One set were Kerry King customs with seven strings encompassed with a .52 on top (versus the usual .42/6 of the elixir). This has made a lasting impact on tension and substituting these strings onto both axes has lead to a dramatically improved set up for our low tuning. The other set, have been enjoyed thus far for their’ existence(top string is .60) rather than use for I couldn’t bring myself to put this glorified noose on my beloved black Friday et al…All hail the Jakk Wylde customs! They are the a# players dream

The past week has been about tabs and prep for the studio. I spent Sunday putting the tracks together for the drum guide and from today, It needs to become a lot more about vox! Need to practice the variations and alternatives.

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