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For Right, Or Wrong, For Better, Or Worse updates : Spotify 10k streams, live video in Ascot & more

Live in Ascot was a pleasure to take part in. Si and I played two shows in the same day for a cancer charity and through that we not only helped raise a few quid, but they gave us a pile of content too which was great

The gigs themselves were our first of the year so we were up against it - especially as Si and I almost never see each other. We had three good rehearsals in the build up to the shows on March 22nd and thankfully the two sets both worked well. The afternoon one was for fewer students and a way for us to get our head around the evening performance - which was being recorded on three cameras along with 10 mics on the stage

The linch set was 7 songs, the evening was 10 which we pushed to 11 - the most Si and I have played in 3 or 4 years live, an entirety of about 45 mins. A great experience and was a great build up to our Brighton show which was our only actual show we had planned for the year before Ascot came up

We were play in the Pipeline on March 24th with our good friends “Brighton Peers Promotions”. We have played the venue 4 times the last 18 months since life got back to normal since covid and were more than happy to get out of town again for a show. That gig was only 7 songs and we were well oiled by that eve

The live video for 4RWBW was shot in Ascot - huge thanks to all involved and who helped make it happen

The track has surpassed 10k streams on Spotify in just over three weeks, we’re delighted, it’s surpassed our first two releases from the year (which have clearly had a month and two m month head start respectively)… It’s unquestionable that the take up from a playlist perspective was far higher than on either of the first two singles which really helped. There was also increased coverage across a variety of publications online which helped far more with our reach :

The acoustic video for the track is also now available. Acoustic version :


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