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New Video & 2013 album release!


2013 is BIG!! 13 is our lucky number 😉

HI guys!! Thanks for checking us out…it’s been far too long.

We decided to release our new video to coincide with our 2013 update for we are very busy at work on new tracks and didn’t want to give the impression we had fallen off the side of the world :D. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out here:

We have 11 new songs on the way !!! 11!!

We are currently making the demos and crafting the lads to make the offering a harmonious blend of tracks. I have been working on structures and lyrics more than I have ever before to make sure it is something we will all be proud of. The aim is to release the( as yet untitled ) album towards the end of the year near Aug/Sept in order for us to get all the necessary promotion done to make sure it does not fall on deaf ears. WE ARE DOING THIS RIGHT!!!!

In terms of gigs we are aiming to be up and running by late spring and we will let you all know asap as soon as we have dates and plans made.

A big thank you to all who sent us messages of support over the last few months, it means a lot to know people have been checking us out even though we haven’t been gigging as much as before in London and WE PROMISE YOU!!!! You will not be disappointed – Not a drop of blood will be spared in delivering this in 2013

The first year of the band was a learning curve for us all and we know now more than ever that we are ready to attack the world with our full offering.

* and yes we shot the video ourselves in an afternoon in our practice space J but we had a great time doing it and I hope that comes through. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE IT IF YOU LIKE IT OR THE SONG, IT IS THE ONLY WAY WE ARE GOING TO MAKE SURE THESE 11 BANGING NEW TRACKS GET THE AUDIENCE WE FEEL THEY DESERVE!!

We’d love your feedback, do get in touch with us

Thanks as ever, ROCK ON

The Survival Code: Gary, Tom, & Pete



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