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Performing live: The basis of what we are about

Performing live: The basis of what we are about

Since we have started gigging I have realised that Performing live is so much more than just expressing yourself in front of a group of people. It is about sharing a perspective, an opinion – a story you believe to be worth telling. For whatever has lead someone to this place, in a room with people in the moment before beginning, an innate desire to stand out from the crowd fuels the fire and provides ample courage to deliver.

In music terms, it is delivering an arrangement of melodies to a stranger that may influence them. Each time I am hopeful people will like it enough to allow me to steal from them, a small piece of their time. I would like to be a temporary tenant in your mind for as long as you will have me :). Ideally I will not be paying for this minor intrusion, preferably I will be a squatter in their mind distracting perfect strangers for moments or minutes from the thoughts and stresses that concern them ;).

Show time! As I stand on stage with lights in my face addressing the crowd. In that split second as i inhale, about to say what will be my first words of the evening, what I’ve already said is:

“Hi there, you probably do not know me. This fine group of musicians and I are standing here this evening to play some songs we wrote. They sound, as they do for it is the kind of shit that gets us up in the morning. We represent rock, our influences, energy, enthusiasm, tempo, low and big sounds and nature of the music. We believe in this for many reasons and that the package is good on many levels. In fact, we have a great deal of logic to back up this conclusion, that this is how the rock gene with guitars should sound! Thank you”

Saying so much takes standing up for and delivery on a consistent basis. This is the challenge the band and I are committed to. Then I introduce us and we’re off, the next 30 minutes is a blur of living. We’ve played five gigs now and we have learned from everyone. It has been exciting playing different size venues and learning from the acoustics. I live the intensity of the experience 100%, looking as if I have run a marathon after most sets. I feel at times in the middle of playing that I am part of this tidal wave. It is both good and bad. Great in the sense of the energy, momentum living and swell behind the movement,. However, trying to grasp at time as it speeds by in a hazy uncontrollable environment is an equally weighted challenge.

What are we about?

Survival code will always bring energy, honest and ironic observations, big sounds, rock riffs, low and big sounds and the package is a formula to get by everything in our lives. 

It is a daunting prospect, for with all of these perspectives and beliefs it is worth very little if the “scene” and other bands aren’t with you, it means pushing against the grain.

I feel that we are pushing a little like this at present. We have been so lucky to play with talented bands so far, but we are looking for other rock bands that are straight up, without too many gimmicks, tricks bells or whistles that we can conspire with to take over the world :D…but this element takes time, so I’ll wait patiently.

It’s about relating and trying. its about failing and loss,  victory and learning – but most of all this represents NO REGRETS!!

Next gig 24th May o2 Islington academy 2 7pm

Link for tickets:


Next gig 4th June Relentless Garage 7pm


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