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Playing live September 18th : Bar 42 : Worthing. FREE ENTRY 20 Long months, a wait to play live

In our minds it had been 18 months, all our updates featured that tagline, but truthfully our last live show was over 22 months ago! Start of November 2019

Just like every band and musician endeavour we have been trying our best to make the most of the downtime provided by the pandemic. Initially we invested our time in acoustic live streams in the hope we could find a sense of purpose and that playing could replace the loss of playing live

It felt like the music was dying, just like any of act entertainments, music or otherwise that relied on a crowd, there was no hope in sight so we had so make the most of it

Anyone who knows us knows that we love guitar riffs, distorted guitar, high energy live shows that you need an umbrella for along with all the beats you could want. The acoustic approach is somewhat of an antithesis to our usual sound and performance, we had to relearn our songs to present them in a fitting manner in that context. It became a great focus and challenge adding cover songs to our set each time (sometime we never do live as a band)

We focused on acoustic as a new medium to explore but it wasn’t just for want of something new. We were limited in our experience and our access was limited in. Ideally we would have done a full band live stream in the last 22 months but initially the obstacle was lockdown, then it became tech, time and making the most of it

As there as no outlet for our full sound, full focus turned to writing new material as I have mentioned in the previous of the most recent updates. We burrowed away for the majority of the time and really got so much done and have been planing the release ever since, we’re hoping to have new music, at least lots of news related in the coming fortnight

All of which brings us to this coming Sat the 18th of September, we’re finally back on stage! After all the waiting, the 18 months, 20 or 22…. The wait is finally over! Simon and I have slowly been blowing the cobwebs off the performance, getting reacquainted with something we used know like the back of our hands. As we have been working on new material the last few months, we really haven’t had a need to play live

We are also playing one of our favourite venues from over the years in Worthing on the South coast in Bar 42 with out good friends at Brighton Peers Promotions, John has been a hero organising gigs before and since the lockdowns. We played Bar 42 in many of our guises over the years and love how they fit into the community they serve along with the crowds the venue can gain

The one and only tragic aspect to the show is that we aren’t planning to play any of the new music we have been working on unfortunately, we are literally days away from being ready for such an outcome….it is such a pity as we are so excited to share it with everyone… Soon…

In the mean time we are all set and finishing the final steps of prep to be ready for Saturday night, if you are in Brighton, Hove, Worthing or anywhere near Bar 42 on the south coast with a penchant for rock music, head banging tunes, FREE ENTRY and a great night, come down around 7:30Pm to check out the bands and say hello





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