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Recording update

HEEEEY world!! So we have a week down in the studio and have been making great progress!

11 drum tracks done

9 basic backing guitars

Today we’re moving onto a bit of BASS and VOX.

The drums sound amazing! Tom laid the lot down in 2 days. Since then I have been plugging away with the guitars…experimenting with all the variables (4 guitars, 2 active, 2 passive which includes a baritone) along with 4 heads (Orange, Peavey, Mesa and Hughes and Ketner). So far the sound is massive!! I have never had the luxury of spending so much time focussing on sound… I am blown away!

The main guitar has turned out to be a dark horse in the grand scheme of things – THE ESP LTD PHEONIX 1000, much to the surprise of the EMG loving child inside.

Working with a great team

We have been working a producer and engineer thus far and the approach has been refreshing and offers a great deal of hope and optimism for what is to come. John has embedded himself in the tunes, in a way I could only have idealised for the unlikely nature of finding someone to commit on such a level for the budget in question. Having someone on board who is passionate about the work as I am, and more importantly, that understands the brevity of suggestions and the impact they may have(even for the better). Always delivered with class. 

Lastly, hearing these songs come together with Bass on top of the guitars and drums is really offering hope for every aspect of this journey…coming alive for the first time 😀

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