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The Survival Code – Crosses to Carry, Coffins to Fill (Good Deeds Music) Out on 16 August 2019

A lovely review of our latest EP from: SILENCE IS THE ENEMY. Link to the review above, here are some of the highlights :

  1. ‘The Innocent’ you get attacked by a guitar riff that’ll crawl through your ears into your brain and put up its home there.  It’s that catchy

  2. I caught myself humming along with either guitars or vocals on a regular basis. And that goes for every single track

  3. ‘Something Beautiful’ that kicks off with an almost Muse sounding riff, transitioning into a more Foo Fighters sound to soar into the kind of emotional punk rock that Alkaline Trio is known for

  4. The Survival Code has really nailed down their songwriting skills and I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear them doing big things all over the world in the future

Thanks again for checking it out and all who took a look for the review

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