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“Can’t Be Explained” is two weeks old today 🎂

Good day beautiful people, we have been sparing these last weeks with blog posts the past few releases trying to find the balance between overload and informative

We hope this finds you well. We’ve been busier than usual these past few weeks (if that’s even possible considering we have 12 singles out in 12 months this year with accompanying vids and derivations)… arguably busier than you could ever ask to be :)….

The whole year has been a chase, constantly trying to make the vids and content, chasing our tails most of the time. Constantly making headway and underprepared in reality despite being in full album mode since September 2022… just shows the amount of work that’s required

We managed to make the remainder of the music videos for the year in the last 6 weeks, along with sorting the finer details of the album and more. We also have a pile of bonus tracks that needed some online content too, we have been v busy

The hope of all that effort was to try and free up time for the fun parts of the release

Now, with all that said it is important to actually discuss the new single we have out this month : “Can’t Be Explained”

This is one of the more mellow and steady offerings on the new album and of the singles we have put out there so far this year. It’s a catchy track with a lot going on throughout the offering without getting too busy at any stage throughout, it’s one of our favourite for a few reasons

We have to say that this single was at one stage the front runner within the release schedule. Now it’s thankfully placed perfectly as our ninth single in our campaign of 12 singles in 12 months from our upcoming album “Whispers Of Woe”

We have also an announcement to make about the album release itself. We have sold a few pre-orders (and have been in touch with those this applies to offering them a choice), but we are moving our album launch back a few weeks for a few reasons

The new album launch date is January 26th 2024! It’s a 2024 baby :). With Xmas, timing before to try and get it seen along with moving with the blows throughout the year. It hasn’t been the greatest year in many ways with the releases. We’ve been delighted artistically with the offering but in reality the singles have had no major support from anyone in truth. The extra few weeks will help us sort

Thank you once again to everyone for your continued love and support. Here is a link both on Facebook and Instagram to a video about the new release : “Can’t Be Explained” on its’ second week birthday 🎂


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