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“Webs We Weave Have Caught Up With Us”

Artwork has been central to everything we have thought about this album and release for over two years. As anyone who knows our band knows, Covid extended the writing/recording period by at least two years for this release as we had been demoing from the start of 2019 and had 9 “songs” of sorts at that stage. As the project became longer and bigger we expanded into the artwork for the singles, and then into artwork based around the lyrics from the song itself. Some songs have 10+ pieces of art for their lyrics, some animations. Each release we will focus on one and this release’s is “Webs we weave have caught up with us”, Which is the opening line in the first verse of the song

The drawing itself was the third in over a hundred we made for the release and is based around the “dead skeletons” from the “So Serious” single cover. So serious has gone on to be our biggest track by some distance and the Dead skeletons have woven their way into the tale as our representations or other. The Book version of our album will feature all artwork, more info on that coming soon


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