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2019 Tour and updates

Happy 2019 to one and all! We hope you had a chilled time over the xmas with too much of everything as we did 🙂

There wasn’t really much down time over the break for us apart from a few great eves here and there catching up with familia. We managed to whittle our 11 demos down to 5 just before the break and the break was spent refining and checking all ways to go with the songs and that process strangely hasn’t finished yet. We usually make two sets of demos before hitting the studio as the first I can get the guitar/vox down along with basic bass and drums to give the feel. This time around we’ve just finished our third set and there is more work needed, the songs aren’t as they should be yet and therefore it needs to be done. The only pressure is we’re likely to be in the studio in coming weeks so need it air tight in coming days

The other big news in the TSC universe is that we are going on tour in March for 7 dates, 5 of which we can announce today which include (venues in the poster)

March 6th – Milton Keynes

March 7th – Coventry

March 8th – Southampton

March 9th – Leeds

March 10th – London

March 14th Birmingham

March 15th Norwich


We even hope to have one or two of the new songs in the set by then, but really looking forward to blasting HOPELESSNESS OF PEOPLE up and down the UK

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