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2020 – plans for the year – 2 announcements

Happy New Year one and all! We’ve been pretty quiet over the Xmas and enjoyed New Year and some time off with our loved ones – we hope the same for yourselves! 🙂

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes this past 6 months and wanted to let you know what’s happening in 2020 for THE SURVIVAL CODE!

The two main headlines:

  1. I am in the middle of writing a new album! 18 demos down and started last Monday on the second rounds of demos to put some meat on the bones….Then simply it’s round three to bring it to life as lyrics / vox are the last things we add

  2. We are going to release a lyric video for our song SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL in MARCH which we are also working on at the moment


We are taking a new approach with the new release which I will explain further in a little. We are hoping to demo more songs, spend more time and do more demos of each song than ever before. As it stands we have 18 demos, and looking for an album of between 10 and 12, so we’re excited as there’s a lot to get through and so many options with so many extra songs and parts

It’s been going really well so far as we have a new studio set up in our rehearsal space since we recorded the last EP – CROSSES TO CARRY, COFFINS TO FILL. It’s been a pleasure being able to have 14 inputs for the drums and a working suite for a change :). It’s also been novel to work on the drum parts for each song and working out what’s needed/required for a given song or riff. Over the last few years I have started to demo the drums again, usually very roughly so everyone knows the general feel and any unique rhythms that obviously match the bass/guitars. This means that that usually we operate by making one good demo and we refine that one until we’re happy, so I would usually play the original drums and Tom and now Simon would record over mine

As I mentioned above, we currently are on stage two of demoing, where the original rough guitar and drums jams have been listened to for a few months and thought about – lots of drumming on the legs on the tube/train :). This round is more about perfecting and selecting the parts for each song/verse or middle 8. Trying to add momentum and progression to the songs rather than just blowing your load in one riff in the opening line

After the releases of C2C, C2F Si and I didn’t see much of each other through a few things that came up. All in we’ve probably seen each other 3/4 times since August apart from our 10 date tour we did in Oct/Nov… (and most of those days were preparing for those shows). This was the reason we decided to make a change in the approach to making this release to ensure it got the attention it deserved as the time just isn’t available at the moment between the two of us

Lots more updates to come. The photos featured are a brief look at the studio and all the vids on my phone I have been recording for song ideas since March – thank god for phones, wouldn’t have a breeze how I’d remember them otherwise


We will post an update in a few weeks once round 2 is finished 🙂


It’s available now so it’ not as big of a surprise as it may be otherwise, but we are delighted to announce that we will be releasing a new video for SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL in March – date yet to be defined (mainly as I need to shoot the video this week but have been so side tracked with tracking)…. It’s coming though! And doesn’t even feature our ugly mugs

Keep an eye on our Facebook for updates on everything . Thanks as ever for checking us out

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