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8/10 ain’t bad for EP BROKEN STRINGS!! :D – Thanks to Rocker Magazine- each track review

We would like to call around to the houses of each and everyone of the people that are involved in Rockeramagazine online to give the a flower and a kiss on the cheek….But without the time or resources we instead revert to this…A big shout out to the guys for giving us 8/10 for BROKEN STRINGS. Check out the reviewing full below:




-The band is very nice with using catchy riffs over stylish way of singing. As they sound so modern, their old-school spirit is very obvious through their song structure and lyrical themes’ direction

‘One’, also another single release from the album and gonna be released on January 20th via IRL. First of all, I really enjoyed the song style so much, and the guitar lines are remarkable indeed.

Lost Cause’ though, was giving a different flavor to the band’s fans. Smooth riffs, catchy melody, and nice shaped vocal lines indeed.

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