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Chapter 4: All the blanks

If there’s any hope you stuck through the first few updates well at least here is the place to come for all things since the last show and all in between.

Our plans have been changing as the year has gone on as we mentioned and has lead us to a conclusion that the best approach for the year is an EP rather than an album- especially due to the fact that we were launching the album so late in the year.

This suited for as mentioned when James disappeared, it has lead us to having to do all sorts of retrospective ground work in an attempt to make the key period of the year productive…we emailed over 100 festivals, agents, labels and more…didn’t leave the house for a week and spent too long getting very little.

In the mean time we were also incorporating our new member –


We all knew we had months for the transition between Pete and Chema but inevitably that time flew  so it has meant that it was upon is sooner than any of us expected. Pete’s last show was suddenly happening and at the time (if we’re being honest) we thought Chema wasn’t available for our show at the end of May and Pete would secretly sly in there…but it now appears that Chema’s about, so it’s all kicking off!! studio, set lists and all the rest so yeah it’s been hectic.

Much of the planning would revolve around the as yet to be decided producer and their’ availability…which at the latter and later stages it was going to be tough.

Through the label “IRL” we got in touch with a very exciting producer, however we couldn’t manage to make it happen this time around but are definitely aiming to go back there early next year.

We’re delighted to announce that we have agreed to work with John Merriman again of Crown Lane Studios – where we recorded our original Album. It started to make more and more sense to be honest, with John being in London and Chema having just joined and Tom having limited availability! We record the first week of June 😀

So we’ve been working on making sure that whatever we are looking to record we can at least produce almost all aspects live, so we’re incorporating guitar pedals and new guitars in our endeavours. The next update to follow is about 7 strings 🙂

We’re focussing on artwork now for the coming release and that’s got a lot of attention needed too…so let’s get to it!! more to come, lot’s o’love TSC

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