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“Never Knew You Existed”, it’s finally here. This was one of the first songs we wrote for this album and was called a few other things before we settled on this title. To be honest for over three tears and various demos over that time up to the very last moment, it was known as “Never Loved You Back” and could forever more go down in pub quiz history as one of the few songs with a name that’s not in the song itself

The truth is that this song isn’t about a relationship as obvious a conclusion as that is, both from the imagery we use and the relatable nature of the words. This song was written in 2019 when we had released our last EP “Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill”. At the time we were giving it our all and in the midst of the release as we alway do and unfortunately it was looking like another trip round the hamster wheel and another “back to the drawing board” moment for the band, who was starting to look for another room in the house to store all of our drawing boards :)….

Thankfully the Woe didn’t last too long at that stage, despite Covid and a pile of other misfortunes that occur in normal (and somewhat extraordinary lives)… our track (for which we are best known) “So Serious” clicked and our trajectory as a band has changed ever since and we couldn’t be happier for what both that release and song has been able to do for us

But in the moments before that was a reality, right next door to success is despair….we were in the moments just before it was apparent this release would be any different to any other that went before, which always felt like wasted potential and lost opportunity. No small violins or anything or sympathy stories!… We never managed to communicate our story well enough to matter in the general sphere to date…that was on us and we couldn’t be angry, upset…but could be allowed an element of despondence at that stage - which was starting to creep in. After many long thoughts on what felt like another thankless journey, chatting with Simon and thinking long and hard (and all the while still writing new material)…I knew the journey still wasn’t done

So after that very long introduction, and a setup that was actually intended to discuss our artwork / first animated video that is in our “comic book” style, that is where “Never Knew You Existed” came from. It was actually about the music industry and how it never knew us. Despite us loving it, chasing it, admiring and flirting with it….sending it our valentine and buying it our last beer… i t didn’t know, much less care who we were… So at that time “Never Loved You Back” felt like the right idea for the name as the theme fit it, but the more time passed

The artwork for this release has been a central idea to the offering. We have the monthly theme which are all red, black and white with different patterns, specific artwork for each song, but additionally over 100 pictures for the release we created with the lyrics in mind from songs. We realised some songs had a lot more imagery than others and the idea of having them move was both a challenge and cool. We know we are not creating Avatar here, these are clearly 2D images we are making alive (ever so slightly)… but here we are none the less :)

We are so proud of this first offering of the animations and warn/want to update that this is a theme that features heavily for many of the singles for our ambitious 12 in 12

We will talk specifically about the design of the bones later in the release and when it was made


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