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Welcome to the circus people! I’ve been showing up to rehearsal in a clown outfit the last two weeks, I swore we packed in this music game in favour of a few trapeze and tents.

The last few weeks have been some of the more epic in TSC’s history and we shot the first video which will accompany out first single “Living a lie” last week.

We have two gigs coming up this month (14th o2 Academy Islington and 26th in Barfly) so we are focussing on our performance more than ever! Grant is bedding in nicely and we have been concentrating on all aspects

The video came together and we smashed out the recording from Thur- Sat last week. We were under very strict timeline, so putting all the cogs in place took a great deal of planning and stress….what we’ve seen of it though, it looks amazing! We worked with the very talented George Taylor who helped with every aspect, most especially the concept.  

We will try to update each Monday for the month until our single is out next month on 1/12/14

We put up a video earlier of a preview of the upcoming video


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