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“One”reviewed by RINGMASTER REVIEWS 

What a week it’s been, so much going on that we can’t wait to share!!

The obvious and most apparent thing is our show tomorrow with Camden rocks in Proud. There are a pile of bands playing and we are on at 8pm

New gear ha also arrived meaning that we should be set for our studio appearance 🙂

One has been rattling around the stations and media links this week and we’re delighted to see this piece by RINGMASTER REVIEWS who have been absolutely lovely about the new song. Check out the link below and as ever some of the best bits Hope to see you guys tomorrow, Gary x


– One uncages a tide of jabbing beats and imposing riffs but with a creative restraint which allows all aspects within to expr

– Raw in air yet finely woven, the track also casts harmonic roars and melodic sighs within its rousing body, essences of bands like Feeder and Skyscraper hinted at as the song blossoms in imagination and infectious energy.

– From start to finish, it is a relentless persuasion which has body and spirit involved

– if you are looking for new meaty rock ‘n’ roll to feed a hungry appetite The Survival Code might just be the One.

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