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Happy New Year to one and all! It’s been a great few months getting back in the groove and we have been on top of everything but our blog – as usual

The wheels have slowly started to turn in the right direction for the release and we are on top of thing for a change, so it’s been great!

What we’ve been up to the last 4 months:

We managed to get back on the show Circuit and managed to play one more time in ALLEYCAT on Denmark St before it closed, The Islington and Hope and Anchor in Islington followed by a trip to Dublin to play Whelan’s

It’s going great! The new sound and setup were a push and certainly as risk but the sound and group has never felt so united and purposeful, we love playing the new songs

So we have our single launch this weekend, we’re so excited and can’t wait to show off our favourite tracks for the new album. The single as you may know is called NOT WORKING and is available everywhere from FEB 2nd

Gary directed and made the video, not for the first time but certainly the first that wasn’t a compilation vid of sorts. The aim is to offer three singles with vids that have a similar overall feel that matches the album and sound

We are going to follow this up with some of the media we have gotten already as we always too, we even got a feature in Hot Press in Ireland – couldn’t be happier!!

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