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Reverb Room Review like absolute gents

The Reverb Room is back and very kindly featured us as one of their first new breathes.

They also had many kind things to say now that they are back up and breathing properly again, thanks v much guys 😀


“Broken Strings” is the title track and very much a statement of intent

“Broken Strings” is no exception. It’s a relentless, driving track that perfectly encapsulates the band’s energy which has given their live appearances quite a reputation.

“Attitude-infused vocals snap and spit out lyrics of frenzied determination as the track escalates into a loud, brash and bold chorus that will have every pit moshing, every gym-goer finding an extra rep and every runner finding a second wind”

While heavy, the track retains melodic integrity that helps the song maintain vital structure and ultimately demonstrates the band’s musical integrity and will give every listener something to hook into.

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