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2013 becomes 2014

We were a little disappointed last year with the progress we made. We started ‘13 thinking, “this is our year”… But in reality it ended up being another step in the process rather than the significant break through/discovery.

As it turned out we needed the time for a number of reasons, so building up our patience and understanding seems to be a right of passage for such endeavours….we’ll still try to push our luck, within reason 😉

We spent 13 practicing twice a week and tweaking our sound, we have a new set up, a little rawer edge :D. We demo’d all eleven tracks, we have been refining them up to 2 months ago„this has been the key to the progress we made…as painful as it has been at times…..patience is not a virtue unfortunately


So it has begun, we had our first day in the studio last Friday on the 14 March. We settled on working with crown lane studios with a producer called “John Merriman” and team. The studios is based in Morden(which isn’t ideal for the lads other than Tom), but we’re very excited to be collaborating for the album. We get going in earnest on April 5th.

Picking the studio as each aspect of the planning process is key, it wont be the one determining factor for success, but any kind of solid album(and optimistically a fantastic one featuring input from very talented people), will be a step in the right direction.


Guitars and vox. Breaking the parts up and writing it all down is key. I have to improve on my discipline :(…

The process

Controlling what we can is the key to our approach. We haven’t the luxury of experiencing our demos in practice for we don’t have a fourth member at present(which does make things difficult). We are confident this approach will work, but this is a variable and one element of uncertainty in an otherwise certain set of material.

Day 1 was also filled with so much advice in sound and tone I feel every aspect of this can benefit the band and we therefore must be on our toes to take in what may come up. John brought down his good friend Matt(an engineer know especially for his guitar tracking) and he schooled the room on how we can approach this aspect of the recording. Massive insight! Looking forward to his input for overall tone.


We have a very exciting part of the project underway after 4 years of talk and 6 months of action. We have the rehearsal room semi constructed and are about 6 week from completion. We are hopeful this will provide is with the opportunity to provide flawless performances of the material on our tour which you can expect early ‘15


Planning the launch means we need to focus on all the aspects from our logo to our marketing plan to networking with the right people.

We are currently looking for mgmt, booking agents and the right people to collaborate with for videos and marketing. We have been in discussions with industry contacts but a lot depend on the finished product from the studio as to how much they can assist.


We are pleased to announce we will be making valiant efforts to give you guys an insight into the trials and tribulations of the recordings process. We have already seen that all of us are going to go through a voyage of discovery with this record, one we relish.


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