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Time flys – band update : demos

Once again we find ourselves in a situation where it’s been far too long since an update reflecting both how much is going on and how little time there is in life 🙂

So the excuse this time has been management and demos.

I was 30 last month and that heralded the beginning of the end of MMXV to me and a reflection period to see what is best to do going forward.

MMXV has been a pleasure! It’s been better in some ways and worse in others than hoped, but all of this has been building and adding to our resolve, character and performance.

We’ve met some talented people and a lot of messers(even good people who really didn’t have a clue about working nowadays)… All of which have added to the texture of the tapistry.

The reality is that this year has been a let down as you may have felt from previous posts. I suppose there will always be more let down than those happy just on the basis stats: so many bands, so few venues and too little light for everyone to survive.

Planning beyond the end of this chapter became vital, in the process we began talking to more people in the industry and are delighted to announce that we have started working with a new manager with a view to raising our profile and perhaps filling the gaps that were missed in the release of the album – if possible

Empowerment is a big theme for us, we are always happy to get our hands dirty and come up with something, and in the planning context the only empowerment is new material.

I have been holed away for weeks out of the last few months and now have a palette of 17/20 songs for which  will form the basis of the foundations of the next chapters of this journey.

This week has been a practice in isolation where I managed to get all drums down for the tracks on protools(protools itself remains a never ending nightmare, constantly divorcing itself from inputs and my computer)… But we’re moving 🙂

So for the first time in about 6 months we feel certain and ready for the next year and what it is to entail.

The really exciting thing is the new material is obviously like a breathe of fresh air again, and it’s such a pleasure to be able to spend time in the creative process and allow the blocks of each track build into finalised pieces. It’s such a privilege.

With the drums down, the main aim in the short term is to get guitars, some box tracks and bass down to present to the band to see how we roll with them. This means that although the guitars are written and lyrics noted, it could all still change, each moment recording offers any road as a possibility, a chance at greatness…maybe most things in life are like this, but it never seems to feel as exciting and certainly isn’t as obvious – to me at least

Raising spirits has been key at this stage in the life cycle of the release. We knew we had a tour and gigs to come but having a new aim of a releasing new material by the end of next summer/early autumn is helping us to get in gear.

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