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So the gig is on Friday and we have had a rather turbulent week since the last post.

Firstly, I got tonsillitis which of course never has an appropriate timing and spent the majority of the week on antibiotics etc unable to sing. I came around on Sat at which point Grant our guitarist was having issues with his arm!! as you do… so we couldn’t prac over the weekend and it’s all on tonight and tomorrow to make the gig amazing.

Nothing is ever ideal so we’re powering on and still believe we can smash the bai out of it. Some new merch arrived too so we have a few new T’s to offer on the night.

and the video, how could we forget… It’s coming together and will hopefully be ready today or tomorrow. 

and the pic is OUR NEW MASCOT!! VIVAL, as in “Sir Vival”. He will now be helping us with some of our updates…GET A REAL DOG!! I hear you say?!……Well, GET A MEERKAT I say!! what the hell they have to do with insurance I don’t know and if we have to start making furry versions of this bai to get some interest – DONE :D!

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