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So, here goes again… We’re so close to the end…but I’m at a stage of sheer frustration tbh…where each second guess become more like an unwelcome guest than a constructive alternative.

Where each journey is critiqued, as if another solution may be possible –

Driving up and down the same road for weeks,hoping it will lead somewhere new or Looking at the same face now,despite many,many drinks but still nowhere close to saying I could yet hoping each time I look back something may have changed.

Despite all objective negative feelings,the show will and does go on and the odd time ones head is above sand long enough to see the light of day, it is exciting!!

Determination has no baring in the process,for it will be and life goes on meaning that one must develop

I am going to aim to capture the latest part of the recording process/ launching the CD to make sure we have colour to these stick figures…

So this picture seemed perfect, not quite there, thinking over there….the calm before the storm 😀

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