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Gooooooode Day people of TUMBLR!!! We hope you had a great break over the Xmas. It seems the world and their’ dog is back to work today so we thought it a perfect time to chat about the 29 and Xmas and what’s happening…..along with giving you some rather nice shapes taken by the fantastic Carley Dale of Carley Dale Photography.

It was quite frantic in the days leading up to the 229 for grant had been rather unwell for the two weeks leading up to the show which understandably meant he needed some time to get better and we would be practicing less. We obi didn’t want to mention this before the gig in any way, no excuses after all 😀

For those who didn’t make it down we headlined the show and as a result provided the guts of the gear, I myself was flying home for Xmas first thing the next day and we didn’t finish until 11ish, so it was a stampede to get packed up and out of there.

229: THE SHOW ITSELF: We were delighted with the turn out for such a late slot so close to Xmas(on the day that almost every Xmas party in Europe was kicking off). The sound was great and we appreciated the

We were also trying to get the plan down on paper for the coming 6 months and co-ordinating with our management team to see about the best campaigns and more. 

The performance was great and we got some great and constructive feedback, and as the old saying goes, it’s better to have played 101 times rather than 100. 

Here are some pics of the show taken by Carley Dale of Carley Dale Photography.


We were delighted to finally lift our heads above the sand at the end of 20-14, it was so long in the making that being out is a relief. Being out though, has raised the stakes of expectation we all feel. 

The first release “living a lie” was exciting for it was a time sensitive period where we didn’t really have much time to formulate plan B, much less think about one. We ticked almost every box and were proud of that, but we know in truth that we need another healthy dollop of professionalism for this to work in the New year.

We are trying to plan each day of the coming months to maximise our potential, this whole process is such a waste if nobody ever hears the album, and it’s our responsibility to get seen…NO PRESSURE 🙂

We’ll be getting our teeth into this for the coming week or so and working on NEW SONGS….CAN YEH?!?!?!?!? ABSOLUTELY! These two weeks have been great to gather where we are, where we’d like to be, and how the hell we get there. 

Happy&healthy 20-15 to all – MMXV

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