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Update upgreat – long overdue post

Good eve fine world and even finer people therein that have taken the time to read the update – a big thanks

So much has been going on the past few weeks that merely being there has been enough, much less the the time to gather thoughts… So I’m going to hit you with some facts:

1.Grant/ new member: We are very sorry to say that our new guitarist who joined just before we released “Living a lie” in Nov has had to take some time away from the band due to illness. This occurred soon after our last update and meant we had to record the new cover as a three piece(the only way we know :)). We also had to play the Cargo gig as a three piece which was the next day though… we had avoided that for all the time we were a three piece, some 3 years for we knew our sound was big and the sound we aspired to was probably even bigger…the cd proved this feeling. Either way we learned and adapted the parts on a day or so and had a great gig(and a big thanks to the beautiful people that made it down that night, we didn’t let on, but we were the epitome of “the able must go on” and oh so very underprepared but had a great eve)

We are looking into all possibilities going forward and wish G the speediest of speedboat recoveries…life is No.1 in the priority game and only when that’s in order can the games commence but time waits for no man, or band with an album as it turns out….so we are delighted to announce:

TOM has been an absolute gent and taken the mantle of chief backing VOX and I will take a pat on the back for being both the rhythm and lead guitar now…which certainly makes things more challenging and entertaining….the live “strain face” is now legit 🙂

We are really excited to play Proud this Sat and hope to see a few new and familiar faces. We have the set in fine tuning now and can’t wait to deliver the beast to the heart of London’s music scene.


We have been posting all sorts of clues and hints to what it is on the various spaces…people have guessed but not many have noticed. I think we have our final version as of today as well and we’re working on the vid. We cannot wait to share it, we hope that you think we did one of the most enchanting and inspirational songs that we know justice.

Never let go:

So our single “Never Let Go” is out!!! We went crazy promoting it, available on iTunes etc. please check it out if you get a sec on YouTube or there if you fancy shedding some change for a fantastic cause 😉

Never Let Go – Single by The Survival Code

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A verrrrrrry big thanks to Carley Dale photography @carleydalephotography for her continued involvement, passion and ongoing creativity helping bring this ambitious project to life


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