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MMXV is the debut album from London based outfit The Survival Code. The three piece have been knocking around since the turn of the decade, building a loyal fanbase throughout the capital with their brand of rock and using their live show as a tool to get fans coming back for more.

Being from the Midlands and not having heard of the band before, I went into this album with no prior knowledge of the band or their sound, which in itself is a refreshing experience. For those of you not tempted to take that plunge, you’re in for a treat. Taking on various influences The Survival Code have managed to forge themselves a unique sound in a world of oversaturation. Although, saying that, opening track Burning starts the proceedings with a track that would fit in nicely on the recent InMe album, Trilogy: Dawn.

That’s not a bad thing though, it just goes to show the quality of songwriting and musicianship on show. Throughout the album the strongest element is the vocals, constantly being used to compliment the instruments playing behind them. As with Dave McPherson from InMe, you feel that they are being used as more than that though, they are used as an instrument themselves. Travelling from subtle harmonies to in your face roars in the smallest timescales.

The whole album is of a consistent high quality, with no song really feeling like filler and all of them bringing something slightly different. Prime examples of this come mid-way through the album. Gave It All is the middle track of the eleven on the album, it’s a track that features big choruses and borderline anthemic moments. Compare that to the following track, Centre Of The Universe, which brings orchestral elements to the fray, and seems to follow more of a story than other tracks on the album.

So, if you find yourself needing an intense album, by a bright up and coming act that starts well and doesn’t relent from there, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only that, MMXV brings a touch of class to it as well.

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