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Live and unplugged V June 4th 2020 Facebook/Instagram live stream

Come join TSC for the fifth instalment of their live and unplugged sessions

Since lockdown began the lads have stripped down their usually high octane songs to a more chilled setting, featuring acoustic and some effects that add to the overly feel for the live streams. The songs have never sounded like this. Along with the song adaptations the lads have been enjoying playing covers (as it’s not something they have been doing the last 3/4 years), and each week they take the stage with at least two. This week features WEEZER and a mash up of two songs 1. From a worldwide musical and 2. From the singer of one of the biggest 90’s Indie bands in the UK… who could it be? The last few weeks featured : Johnny Cash, Slipknot, Alkaline Trio,Smashing Pumpkins to name a few

Drop by from 8:30PM on Instagram or Facebook

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