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Worded-ed update and surya pic for cover

We’re so delighted for the music to finally be out there for anyone to find. It’s on all streaming sites along with the usual places to buy.

I can’t deny it always seems odd from the outside when you see groups/bands big and small releasing new material like clockwork every 2/3 years. Part of the reason as we’ve learned is – life. It gets in the way all over the place and things take so much longer than they used…and we’re not holding much hope for things improving as we age 🙂

The launch night in barfly was incredible! Aside from loving the venue and Sal vitro, everything we planned went well and the performance were a great success.

It hasn’t all gone to plan though. We’ve learned the hard way as far as reviews go with the written media, for whatever reason through PR and our efforts we couldn’t get our album reviewed in some of the most important publications for our genre. We’re working on this but it has been a barometer of how the “industry” has accepted us….which has been nice 🙂

Who you know has never more prevalent and we’re doing alright for  bunch of loners haha.


Since the launch the main enphasis has been on gigging and our tour. The efforts have been put into developing new relationships nationwide and booking better shows where possible.

We’ve gathered very many kind words both about our live set from many corners and this is something we focus on quite a lot for we love delivering an energetic performance. The set really is coming together in terms of song sequence and overall performance, we like to think that if you saw us 6 months ago, you wouldn’t recognise now.

This week is a significant week in our progress to date, despite all of our gigs and efforts for the last 4 years we have yet to play a gig outside london.

Swansea is Friday’s destination and we play the lemon factory with the impervious  VOiD.

It’s about time we get around to spreading out sound but we can assure you from the sincerest of places that it is not for lack of effort that this is our first, we would have been delighted to be in this position in years gone by. But, when it rains it pours, and thankfully we’re the good side of a fairly dry spell 🙂

The plan for the rest of the year is as was for the most part. We’re delighted with how our live show is progressing and we feel after some time trying, that we can handle and work with almost any crowd(aggressive)… we like a challenge though

Being out there means being available and open to all sorts of criticism and comment. We are hardly impervious to such things and acclimatizing to crowds has been a huge adjustment. Doing it week in week out really helps though and you get used to a sweat-fest in front of a bunch of people that don’t know us

The next steps in the journey are uncertain apart from we know we need to tour so that must happen. Things are uncertain for the album and singles haven’t helped us leverage much of an advantage and it has been such an investment of time and energy. This has nothing to do with cash for the investment was a result of a few years saving and would be done again if in the same situation.

We are like many fresh bands on the circuit, in need of contacts and working desperately hard. The latter is certainly a pre-requisite and selling guitar music these days is like selling sand to the desert

Without our team we wouldn’t have had a chance of being seen above the average. That being said, we haven’t had the rub of the green as far as radio/video play which has undermined our efforts slightly. These things are always likely to happen and in some ways we understand but in some other small ways it’s not as easy to accept 🙂 (say the lads that haven’t slept over the weekend figuring out the best next step).

It does come down to who you know and how many breaks/bits of advice you can pull in along the way. This industry is small and making a dent can be almost impossible without friends. At the same time I would always like to think that the best and most innovative stuff will always come forward, but let’s be honest, most things are far more political than logical in that sense.

Cheers for everyone that’s been keeping a close eye on the reviews and updates. It’s been an amazing few months regardless and we just hope to be able to bring some big updates in the coming weeks. 

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